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Blog Entries from November 2015

Around 6,000 people in Cornwall will have a fairly severe type of anxiety called panic disorder. What is panic disorder? Imagine for a moment, if you can, that it is possible that you will have an experience of utter dread and fear whenever you venture far from the house.

As Dr Phil is fond of saying, “Life is not the pizza man – it doesn’t deliver”. We all know that we get out of life what we put into it. If you want to improve your physical and mental well-being you might want to explore the following steps. 

Every one of us is a ‘work in progress’. We move slowly but surely through our lives and change is inevitable. Without doubt some people seem to have a better handle on the direction they are going in, and their life changes for the better. However, others get stuck in the daily grind and their life stutters and stalls.

The brain is a truly wonderful organ. However, sometimes it can over-do things. Due to the need to survive it can be a little over-zealous in predicting possible dangers. This is what happens when we worry too much.

No-one is surprised to hear that modern living seems to be increasing our rate of stress and depression. Many people point to the relentless pace of life and the constant bombardment of information. We also stress ourselves by comparing ourselves with one another.