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The Art of Acceptance


Many of life’s difficulties stem from an inability to accept things as they are. Sometimes this is because we experience a big gap between how we want things to be and how they actually are. Modern society doesn’t help with this – it creates expectations about what we should own or possess, or how we should look, or how we should be living our lives. Despite the fact that most of us live a life that would be on a par with royalty some centuries ago, we still remain dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction is further fuelled by a sense of entitlement – a belief that we deserve better.

Being able to develop greater acceptance in our life can bring a tremendous sense of relief. Consider the belief that life should always be fair. If you believe this should always be the case you are going to experience a lot of frustration and disappointment. Cursing and moaning will be the only available options. Because, of course, in reality, life is never fair. It never has been and it never will be. Learning to make peace with this fact brings a more stoical acceptance. But, acceptance is not the same as passive resignation or approval. The situation might not be what we want it to be, but acceptance can lead us to work with what we have got and make the best of things.

There are a multitude of situations that may benefit from the practice of greater acceptance. For example, the fact that we will age and die, that we will experience pain and illness, that we are fallible, that we cannot change our history, and that not everyone will accept us. Accept, and then take the right action. Don’t fight reality, work with it.

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