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The Reason Giving Machine

Just do it

I was ten minutes late for a dental appointment last week. It had been a fraught journey. I explained to the dentist that I had been stuck at a level crossing, held up behind a learner driver and then couldn’t find a parking space. This was all actually true, although, if I’m honest, I was also slightly over-egging it. To give reasons for our actions is very normal. And, our brain can fire out these reasons all day long. We give reasons in order to be reasonable. If I had been asked why I was late, and replied, “No reason”, then I would have been unreasonable.

This is fine, but it is worth reflecting on the fact that many of our reasons are pure baloney. If the dentist had said, I will give you a thousand pounds if you are early for your appointment, then guess what would have happened? Yes, I would have been there on time. Realistically, we fail to make things happen because we are not choosing to prioritise them. In reality, our reasons are often excuses.

Thomas Edison famously said, “If we did everything we are capable of we would literally astound ourselves”. I really believe this, but like many people, my brain tells me all sorts of reasons why I can’t achieve what I want. “I don’t have enough time”, “I am too tired”, “Now is not the moment”,  and so on. Our brain is a reason-giving machine. And the reasons are often baloney. No-one else usually stops us from achieving our life long goals. No-one but ourselves and our reasons.

So, be wary of your reasons. Take them with a pinch of salt. Instead, identify what is most important to you. And just do it.

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