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Reasons to Seek Help for Depression

Help with depression in Cornwall

It may seem strange but many people are quite surprised to learn that they have symptoms of depression. Many men, in particular, often fail to recognise or seek help when they are depressed.

What are some of the key indicators of depression? As well as a low mood, you may feel exhausted and tired all of the time. You may find yourself wanting to hide under the duvet and your bed becomes a refuge from the world. Alternatively, some people with depression find sleep is really difficult because their mind seems to be racing and won’t switch off. You may also experience irritability. Everything feels like it is too much to deal with and even small demands make you prickly or cranky with people around you. Again, because they are more likely to hide their feelings, many men are less likely to experience a depressed mood and therefore they are more likely to present with increased irritability and impatience. Also, men may drink more alcohol as a way of coping.

Another main feature of depression is a lack of motivation or pleasure. Many people feel their world is ‘flat’ or ‘rubbish’ and they find it difficult to look forward to anything. Interest in sex is also likely to be diminished. And finally, many people get self-critical and blame themselves excessively. They find themselves having thoughts like “I am not good enough” or “I am useless”. Also, they may become increasingly cynical and negative.

It is important to remember that depression will not last for ever. It is also treatable. Going to talk to your GP or ringing your local therapy service might be the best next step you can take to start turning this around and getting back to your normal self.

For NHS funded therapy for stress, anxiety or depression, phone (01208) 871905 or self-refer [HERE]  

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