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Setting Out in the New Year

2016 Resolutions

What does 2016 hold in store for you? For many of us, we have some things we would like to do much more, and some things we’d like to do a lot less. So, maybe we would like to spend more time with our families, or keeping fit. Or on the other hand we’d like to be watching less TV, drinking more moderately, or to stop being so crazily busy.

Sadly, knowing what you want out of life is no guarantee that this is how it will be. There is often a mismatch between what we would like our lives to be like, compared to how our lives actually pan out.

So, what can we do? Firstly, expect to fail. It is part of being human. But don’t let that stop you moving towards what is important. To use a metaphor from the American psychologist Kelly Wilson, it is also important to remember that the road ahead has lots of bends. No matter how hard we strain to look, we can’t see around these bends. We can’t know what life in 2016 is going to be like. We can neither predict the problems nor the good fortunes we might encounter along the way. But, what we can do is stop and pause from moment to moment, and commit ourselves to moving on that path towards the things in life we value. Then, when we stumble, or fail, which of course will happen, we just come back to the moment, and commit to getting back on track. It is a simple formula. It is based on the notion that a ‘good life’ is where we are resolved to move forward and to self-correct as we continue to stride and stumble towards what is important.

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