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Sunset Kind of Mind

Sunset Kind of Mind

The brain is a truly wonderful organ. However, sometimes it can over-do things. Due to the need to survive it can be a little over-zealous in predicting possible dangers. This is what happens when we worry too much.

Another aspect of our brain is its ability to weigh up things and make judgements. However, this automatic functioning of the brain is both a blessing and a curse. To see it in action look around the things around you right now. Is there one thing that your brain can’t criticise in some way and think of a way it could be improved?

When this way of thinking gets applied to ourselves and other people around us, we can become overly judgemental and self-critical. We may find fault with both our nearest and dearest and also ourselves. Our brains can do this automatically without our awareness. Some psychologists have described the brain as a ‘judgement machine’.

Fortunately, our brain doesn’t always behave in this way. Think of when you look at a beautiful sunset. For most people, the critical part of our brain switches off. We just tend to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty. We don’t tend to think, “There ought to be more red or yellow in that sky”, or “That tree should be a little further to the left”. No, we just breathe in and enjoy as it is.

Sometimes it is worth practicing this ‘sunset’ kind of mind when you view yourself or others. In this way of seeing you practice greater acceptance and tolerance of imperfection and our common human foibles. This is a habit worth cultivating. As the saying goes, “Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

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