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Asperger Syndrome

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Asperger Syndrome

What is Asperger syndrome?

Asperger syndrome is a lifelong condition which falls within the autistic spectrum. The main difference however, between classic autism and Asperger syndrome, is that people with AS will usually have had normal language development as a child and will generally be of average or above average intelligence.



People with Asperger syndrome usually share difficulties in three main areas:

Social communication – difficulty in knowing how to use language appropriately in some social situations. Also, difficulty in moderating their own non-verbal means of communication, as well as interpreting that of the people around them.

Social interaction – maybe wanting to be sociable but having difficulties in making and maintaining friendships and relationships.

Social imagination – difficulty in predicting, understanding or interpreting other people’s thoughts, feelings or actions – therefore finding it hard to predict what will happen next or imagine alternative outcomes to a situation, other than what they anticipate in their own mind.

Other related characteristics sometimes include the development of intense, sometimes obsessive, interests. This can lead to an exceptional knowledge in these favoured subjects. A person with Asperger syndrome might also have a strong preference for structure and keeping things in order. Without prior warning and careful planning, they can find change to their routine or expectations very difficult to manage.