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Blog Entries from January 2016

Whichever way you look at it, getting older in years is a process involving an inevitable steady decline. That’s the bad news. Is there any good news? One good thing is that many large scale studies would suggest that, on average, levels of happiness and contentment can rise as we get older. We tend to savour and appreciate life’s precious moments.

It is a common experience to find ourselves in a bad mood after an argument? But, what can we can do about this, if anything?

Nearly everyone has an irrational fear of something. Many fears, such as heights, spiders and snakes, have been hard-wired through evolution. Avoiding these things was good for survival. However, nowadays we also encounter modern phobias, such as, the fear of syringes and flying in an aeroplane.

What does 2016 hold in store for you? For many of us, we have some things we would like to do much more, and some things we’d like to do a lot less. So, maybe we would like to spend more time with our families, or keeping fit. Or on the other hand we’d like to be watching less TV, drinking more moderately, or to stop being so crazily busy.