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Blog Entries from February 2016

Have you noticed the big increase in articles in the media telling us “how to be happy”? It’s a great idea but there are some problems to consider. Firstly, aiming for short term pleasures can bring happiness, but this can soon fall flat and often brings a heap of unwanted long term side effects.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder is the name we give to people who worry too much. Now, everyone worries, but an estimated eight percent of us, or 36,000 adults in Cornwall, worry so much that they lose sleep and feel physically ill with worry.

How often do you experience a real sense of gratitude? This can be either having a sense of being grateful for just being alive or being thankful to others around you for what they bring to your life.

Depression, unlike ordinary sadness, is something that we can’t just snap out of. It is a life-sapping condition that takes a heavy toll on our ability to live a normal life. And unfortunately it is on the rise and, at a conservative estimate, will be affecting 20,000 adults in Cornwall this year.