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Blog Entries from March 2016

Last year I hit the grand old age of sixty and I have to say it knocked me somewhat. Reaching forty and fifty had hardly touched me. But I wasn't ready for sixty. This got me thinking about the psychological aspects of growing old. 

Do you recognise the phrase, ‘Put some elbow grease into it’. It generally implies that your efforts are a bit lacklustre and you need to apply a more oomph.

Why is committing to exercise so hard? We all know that it will make us happy, reduce stress, improve our health and prolong our life. Even though it is a real ‘no-brainer’, many of us struggle putting it into practice.

Can you get through a whole day without complaining? I don’t mean the justifiable protest at getting shoddy service or goods. Instead, I mean the more day-to-day moaning and whinging about other people or the world in general.

We all have the potential to make tiny changes in our lives. From building fitness, to learning a language or how to dance, through to practicing meditation or yoga. The possibilities are endless.