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Blog Entries

3rd May 2017

New US research on ageing suggests that memory loss is not inevitable. Indeed, a very small group of older adults, called ‘superagers’, appear to have mental skills as sharp as people in their twenties. Furthermore, their brains appear ‘younger’, showing thicker connective pathways.

18th April 2017

According to American life-coach Mel Robbins, a simple intriguing countdown technique can help us achieve our true potential. This technique attempts to help us solve a fundamental human problem. That is, we all have great ideas about the kind of life we want and the things we want to achieve.

27th March 2017

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact of smartphones in our lives. They are truly amazing inventions. A phone, a camera, a message system, a portal to all the knowledge in the world, a social meeting place, a map, a music and video player and countless other games and online tools. But the cost is that they are becoming increasingly addictive.

13th March 2017

Don’t you love television? We all have our favourite programmes. It’s part of life in the modern age. So, are there any downsides?

7th March 2017

Is intelligence the most important thing that determines our success in life? Possibly! But, in the 1960s a psychology experiment took place that suggested there is another factor which is far more likely to determine our future life course. The experiment was called ‘the marshmallow test’.

28th February 2017

Earlier this month, an Australian study provided the first solid evidence that diet can have a role in treating major depression. It is somewhat surprising that this research hasn’t been done before. We have long suspected that the nature and quality of our food can influence people’s risk of depression.

20th February 2017

Did you know that the way we breathe can offer a powerful way of calming our body under stress?

14th February 2017

Recent psychological research shows that increasing positive behaviour between people at work has two important benefits; people get less stressed and they work better. Positive behaviour is where people are respectful of you as a person and you feel appreciated. Negative behaviour is where people are rude, disrespectful and are too busy to give you the time of day.

6th February 2017

Many of us have a list of things we would like to get done but somehow never get round to doing. The art of getting things done and achieving everything on our to-do list is probably one of the key tools for a successful life. But, as we all know, getting our sleeves rolled up and doing what needs to be done is something we can avoid all day long.

30th January 2017

Getting therapy and counselling for anxiety or depression doesn’t always involve having to visit an office or location somewhere to talk to a complete stranger face-to-face. An exciting area of development is that psychological therapy can now be provided online.

23rd January 2017

We all know that getting enough sleep is important but unfortunately, more than a third of us get less than six hours sleep each night. All of the recent research suggests that this may be putting our physical health at risk. Four lifestyle factors that are worth knowing about and giving a try if you want more sleep.

19th December 2016

Has 2016 flown by for you? Is that because you were having fun, or is it because you are getting older? Interestingly, psychological research suggests that we all experience the passing of time differently, and that doing lots of new things may be the key to subjectively slowing time down.

13th December 2016

New research suggests that people having a positive perspective on their future have a lower risk of death and major illness compared to people who have a more pessimistic outlook. A major study, published last week, followed the health of 70,000 older women over a six year period. Their average age was about seventy years old.

5th December 2016

These days there are so many books on time management and improving productivity you could spend a lifetime exploring them. And this would not be a good use of time! So, I prefer the simplicity of a one-hundred year old method that was developed in 1918 by a productivity guru of the time called Ivy Lee.

28th November 2016

Many of life’s difficulties stem from an inability to accept things as they are. Sometimes this is because we experience a big gap between how we want things to be and how they actually are. Modern society doesn’t help with this – it creates expectations about what we should own or possess, or how we should look, or how we should be living our lives.