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Creating Calm


Modern life can be exhausting. Trying to create greater calm is the antidote. But this antidote doesn’t happen by itself. We have to actively cultivate it.

We are all black-belt experts in busyness. Our minds have never been so busy. We get bombarded with information from our media and our focus is usually on fixed on what’s coming up or what we have to do next. Our mental chatter adds to the load. We worry about all the worst things that can happen in the future. Or we ruminate about things that have happened in the past. No wonder we are all so tired.

Trying to create calm is the challenge. Calm gives us a break. It gives us peace and presence of mind in the midst of the chaos. How do we get it? Here are four simple steps.

First. Learn to meditate. Research shows that just five minutes a day can make a big difference. Meditation gives us a little snapshot of how we are thinking and feeling. It presses the pause button of our mind and we observe our thoughts without getting lost in them. We notice our feelings without getting carried away by them.

Second. Go for a walk. A walk by the sea, or, a green, leafy space. Again, the research says that even five minutes of walking can promote a calmer mind and body.

Thirdly, read a book. Research at the University of Sussex showed that a mere six minutes of reading led to a 68% reduction in stress levels.

Fourth, take a break. A proper break with a cup of tea and a chat with a friend. Ironically, taking breaks don’t just help us to feel calmer. They also make us more productive.

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