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Creating the Opportunity to Sleep

Sleep Well Tips

We all know that getting enough sleep is important but unfortunately, more than a third of us get less than six hours sleep each night. All of the recent research suggests that this may be putting our physical health at risk. Four lifestyle factors that are worth knowing about and giving a try if you want more sleep.

The first one is obvious and is about getting to bed earlier. This can be a challenge because some of us find ourselves unwinding and relaxing from our busy day as the evening progresses. We might get engrossed in a TV programme and we don’t feel like going to bed. However, you can be the best sleeper in the world but if you don’t give yourself enough opportunity to sleep then you won’t get enough sleep. It’s worth aiming for a regular bed-time and not just waiting till you feel tired.

Secondly, alcohol can disturb the length and quality of your sleep. We go to sleep more quickly after a drink but research tells us it stimulates a part of the brain that is active when we are awake. It will make us more restless and less refreshed on waking. Thirdly, sugar in food may also be responsible for delaying sleep and increasing restlessness. Finally, research shows that using social media may also contribute to sleeplessness. It may be that this eats into our snooze time, or maybe we get too wound up by the emotive exchanges. Or alternatively the light from the phone delays the onset of sleep.

Bottom line. Get a regular bed-time and don’t wait till you feel like sleeping. Secondly, avoid sugar, alcohol and Facebook in the evening. Lie still, close your eyes and let it happen.

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