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Getting a Grip on Smartphones

Getting a Grip on Smartphones

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact of smartphones in our lives. They are truly amazing inventions. A phone, a camera, a message system, a portal to all the knowledge in the world, a social meeting place, a map, a music and video player and countless other games and online tools. But the cost is that they are becoming increasingly addictive. Like all addictions, they get in the way of being able to live a rich and rewarding life. We check them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And whilst they may bring us closer to people who are distant from us, they can drive us further away from the people who are closest to us.

Are you addicted to your gadget? Stopping this addiction is not easy. But trying to draw some boundaries around the addiction could be a place to start.

The first boundary to experiment with is for the first thirty minutes when you get up. Try to focus on things that are healthy and in preparation for the day ahead.

Secondly, you could make an effort to refrain from using your phone whenever you are in a social situation, especially at meal times. Studies show that people connect less well to others even if a phone is simply lying on the table between them, never mind when it is being used.

Thirdly, for obvious reasons, the car should be a no-go zone. Finally, try switching off an hour before going to bed. Smartphone use is contributing to sleep deprivation on a national level because of the light being emitted and also the bombardment of digital information preventing us from sleeping.

Smartphones are here to stay. Use them wisely.

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