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Learning to Live with Uncertainty

Why Worry?

One thing that is certain in life is that it is very uncertain!

Nobody truly knows for sure what life is going to hold, and it is this concept of life being uncertain that forms the basis of many anxiety problems – especially generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

A great analogy for uncertainty and worry is it’s like having an allergy. Someone with hay fever will have a strong reaction to even the smallest amount of pollen - likewise someone experiencing GAD will have a very strong anxious reaction to even the smallest amount of uncertainty.

Uncertainty doesn’t just effect our thoughts and feelings however, but also can influence our behaviour. We feel the need to act in a certain way to manage this uncertainty and relieve our worry. The issue is that these strategies have a cost – they take up a great deal of time, effort and energy – and can even cause more worry.

One way to address this is to learn to tolerate uncertainty. We need to ask ourselves – if I was more tolerant of uncertainty, what would I do in this situation? Is this action actually going to help me long term? We all know someone who is chilled about these types of situations…what would they do?

By sitting with our anxiety and tolerating our uncertainty, we come to learn that maybe our fears and worries and not as accurate as we first thought.

To find out more about the topic of uncertainty and managing GAD, call us today and enquire about our new 4 week course called Why Worry?, beginning in Truro and Redruth at the end of September. Outlook South West – 01208 871905.

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