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Therapy from Your Front Room

Online Video Therapy

Have you ever considered therapy whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home? As the internet becomes more established in many people’s lives, it is not surprising that more and more services are being delivered online. 

Outlook South West now provides live therapy online as part of its NHS commissioned service in Cornwall. With a basic requirement of a broadband connection and a web-cam camera, (which can be bought for a few quid), the opportunity to get some online help for stress, depression or anxiety is within reach of anyone in the county over sixteen years old. 

Some people will always prefer the human presence of seeing someone ‘face to face’. However, the growing research in this area suggests that some people are just as comfortable using web-based therapy and, furthermore, evidence points to the fact that this can be just as effective. In this kind of treatment you receive a link which takes you to an online therapy room at an agreed appointment time, and the session with a therapist begins. This is confidential and all of the content of the session is run over a secure network – and is not stored anywhere. 

Who is likely to find this useful?

  • People who find it difficult to travel to a clinic due to travel or transport issues. 
  • Others may prefer the ease of access and flexibility that can be gained from internet therapy. 
  • Many youngsters in particular are more comfortable with new technology and they may find this a lot more accessible.

It is less likely to be suitable for people who have active suicidal thoughts or for long standing problems requiring ongoing support from other services.

If you would like to explore this free NHS therapy and you are 16 or over and live in Cornwall, you can contact us by email or by phone to discuss the details further. 


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